Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted my final portfolio and realise I’ve uploaded the wrong file. What can I do?

If your Campus Online login is still active, go to your module page and click request delete. If your Campus Online login has expired, email for help.


My access to Campus Online has expired. What can I do?

Access to Campus Online automatically expires once your submission deadline has passed. You can contact us at for help.


When will I receive my results?

You will receive an email containing your confirmed overall result 1 working day after the Assessment Board. On the next working day you will receive via email a link to enable you to log in to Campus Online to see your full results and feedback from the person who marked your work.


Which Assessment Board will consider my results?

There are two Assessment Boards each year – summer (normally early June) and winter (normally late November /early December). Assessed work is considered by each board based on the submission point of the work.


Can I get my results before the Assessment Board?

Provisional results will be released via email once all marking processes are completed. This normally takes 6-8 weeks from the submission point.


I submitted my portfolio early – will I get my results early?

Portfolios are processed by cohort. Whichever date you submit your portfolio on, it will be processed along with the cohort submitting at the next available submission point.

Submission Point Assessment Board
January, March or April Summer
June, August or September Winter


When will I receive my award certificate?

Certificates are printed by Middlesex University and sent to Real Training so that we can distribute them to you. This usually happens 4-5 months after the Assessment Board

Assessment Board Award certificate distributed
Summer October-November after the Board
Winter April-May after the Board


I need proof of my qualification before that – what can I do?

We can provide a letter confirming your award. Send an email request to if you need one.


Where will you send my certificate?

As soon as we receive your certificate, we will email you with a link to an online form, so that you can confirm your postal address at that time.


What can I do to be sure I receive my certificate?


I live outside the UK. Can I have my certificate sent to a non-UK address?

Yes, we will send certificates to whichever country you are in. We send them as tracked mail, via UK Royal Mail.


Will the certificate show my final grade?

Yes. Please be aware though that only the Master’s awards (MEd) are given classifications (Distinction, Merit and Pass). All other awards are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.


Will I receive a transcript?

Middlesex provides a Diploma Supplement that lists all modules taken and their final grades. You should note that the PgCerts NASCO and iSENCO comprise a single module, and no further breakdown of grades is offered.


Will the Diploma Supplement show my final grades?

Yes, but as above, only the Enquiry-based SEND Practice module is given a classification (Distinction, Merit and Pass). All other modules are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.


I haven’t yet completed my award. Can I get a certificate for the module I passed?

We provide a Certificate of Achievement for the NASENCO, Cognition and Learning, and Dyslexia: Professional Report Writing modules. We will email you with a link to an online form shortly after the Assessment Board, so that you can confirm your postal address.


When is the graduation ceremony?

Middlesex graduation week is normally in the 3rd week of June. We know that our ceremony will be on the 26th or 28th June 2024, and tickets will be available from 11th April 2024 – 9th June 2024. We will email you with details of who to register, buy tickets and so on, as soon as we have confirmation of our ceremony date and time. You can also check for yourself here. We are part of the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education.


Where is the graduation ceremony held?

Graduation ceremonies are held at the Hendon campus of Middlesex University in northwest London.


I missed/will miss the graduation ceremony this year. Can I come next year?

Yes. If you’d like to receive an invitation to next year’s ceremony, please email